Nice to meet u all

Hello everyone!

My name is Roberto and next to me is my wife, Poliana. We are the founders of Grow Wooden Toys. 

We hardly appear here, I know, but we believe it's important for you all to know who's behind our business.

Back in the days were I was a designer student, I always had a thing for woodworking.

My wife, on the other hand, studied history, but always loved working with children! She even built a business where she helps girls who wants to become a nanny here in the US. By the way, I want to invite you all to check out her Instagram @querosernanny!  Now back to our history…


It was from these skills that Grow was born. At first, we just wanted to make some toys to entertain and have fun with the children that Poli took care of, and our mission was to provide fun for the little ones while also stimulating their motor skills and autonomy while playing. 

From there, in June 2020, our first toy was born: the Pikler Triangle. It was a huge success and received with a lot of affection, support and encouragement by the families that accompanied us at the time. 

It was an exciting start for Grow! 

So as our business grew, we decided to rent our first space at Saxonville Mills art complex, where we were very well received and got motivated to continue with our work and to keep improving it. Now we spend our time studying methodologies and focusing on the daily lives and needs of the families, so we can keep producing custom and handmade toys with our traditional love and care. 😍

Nowadays our business has been growing day after day with a good pinch of dedication, love and commitment.